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Our design and planning team is prepared to help our customers through the entire elevator design and installation process to ensure the best possible elevator solution. Each building is not unique which is why we customize every proposal to our customer’s specifications.

Elevators Installation

Escalator Installation

Automatic Doors Installation


We perform all planning, management and execution necessary to provide preventive Maintenance, repairs and service calls. As well as state of the art maintenance tracking system and programs designed to keep your equipment running efficiently

Type of Maintenance Contracts:

* Comprehensive Maintenance (CM)

* Semi Comprehensive Maintenance (SCM)

* Oil and Grease (OG) Inspection Contracts:

Our 24X7 callback team provides the earliest reach at site for any callbacks.

Elevators Maintenance

Escalator Maintenance

Automatic Doors Maintenance

Repair & Modernization:

As per customer request, our special team of Technicians will do free inspection service for your elevators and provide detailed repair report for you to assess your elevator systems.

With preventive maintenance, the expected operating life of an elevator is 15 to 20 years. Over time, your system may no longer comply with regulatory. If you believe it's time to upgrade your system, the engineers and Technicians from AN NAAFI can assist you with the modernization process.

We do Cabin Refurbishment, Requirement of Qatar Tourism Athourity (QTA) and civil defense regulation, up gradation to latest controls, additional features, Emergency Battery backup upgrading, Door Sensor Replacment, Elevator Repair and Elevator information SMS System will be done at actual cost price.

Elevators Modernization

Escalator Modernization

Automatic Doors Modernization

Spare Parts:

Every Elevators need of spare parts for smooth and reliable operation. We have consumable Spare parts, PCB’s, Inverter Button’s, Door Motor, Door Lock, Electrical Contactors, Guide shoe, Rollers, Safety sensors etc... We Supply All the Spare Parts and any major/emergency spare parts required for your projects.

We will conduct annual maintenance survey for each and every equipment with our engineering team to identify the elevator spare parts requirement and elevator health.

We assure you for Quality product and Quality service for our happy customer.

“Safety, Quality & Reliability Reliability"



Test Tool & Motor


Brake & Module

Roller & Wheel

Female Lock & Door Lock


Encoder & Sensor

Door Slider & Door Value

Electrical Condactor

Guide Shoes

Safety Spare Parts

COP LOP & Others

Person In charge Experience:

Our Team lead has a vast experience in the field of Installation, Maintenance & Modernization of Elevators in the State of Qatar. we have specially trained person from manufacturer for Machine room, Machine room less and high speed elevators in Japan.

Our team lead got Special appreciation from Manufacturer for successful completion of elevator modernization in Doha Sheraton hotel at west bay, Doha, Qatar.

We have trained team with tremendous in trouble shoot of various elevators, spare parts knowledge and providing preventive maintenance depends upon equipment life cycle.

Electronic & Science Experimental Project:

We provide Science projects,[High School, CBSC Schools, Middle School, Primary School,] Complete Robotics Solutions, Mechanical Projects, Electronics Projects, Science working model project, Science experiment projects, do it yourself project, Customized projects suiting your requirement, Hundreds of Science Fair Projects For Students, Sensor, Solar Panel,robot parts arduino kits, GSM, GPS, RFID, ZIG bee ATMEL, AVR, PIC, ARM7 Programmer & Development Kits (Working Real Time Models) for your requirements.

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